The Art of identity

Gower Ashgate, ISBN 0-566-08318-3,
and Routledge ISBN 9781138710627

‘The book that redefines corporate visual identity.’

‘Rowden creates the justification for every branding decision you have ever made or ever will make.’
MARKETING magazine

‘Why the right identity can transform an organisation.’

‘Food for thought for those who think a one word noun in lower case will do the job.’

‘A profound insight.’

Deeply thought-provoking, it offers a profound insight into identity creation, management and measurement–and why the right identity can transform your organisation.

With the help of revealing tests and illustrations, Mark Rowden challenges readers to jettison ineffectual compromises and half-baked solutions in order to achieve the identity that gives you the advantage. He steers lucidly through previously unexplained and unrecognised issues, focusing on ‘correct’ thinking through design application. In doing so, he presents several potent management tools that enable managers to define their organisation's fundamental qualities, translate them into visual media, and judge how well a new identity communicates them.

The result is inspirational yet practical. If you seek the advantage of increased awareness, sharper evaluation and confidence in action, this is the book for you – and for any strategic thinker who takes identity, and the competition, seriously.

The Art of Identity


Gower Ashgate, ISBN 0-566-08618-2

‘Transforming performance through integrated identity management.’

‘For those serious about addressing their identity and making it an asset, Rowden has delivered another comprehensive and compelling book that will get you thinking and guide you through all the issues involved.’

‘Rowden presents several potent management tools which help enable managers to define the fundamental qualities of their organisation.’

‘Rowden wreaks havoc on those who view design superficially.’

A revised and extended edition of ‘The Art of Identity’ demonstrates the integration of identity into the financial and commercial objectives of the organisation. Interrogate your entire operational strategy. Learn how to show, tell and do – and understand your organisation’s presentation as never before.

This is no ‘standard’ marketing theory but an extreme level of intent, an ambition and willingness that lesser rivals may view as extreme.

Too many organisations superficially change their identity, whilst the same management with the same attitudes as before remains undisturbed. This book is proven to be much more. What you need is more profit. This means spending less and earning more, and at the same time doing it quickly. Speed is a permanent feature of modern life. It is as though we never have enough time and resources. Such a seemingly general comment, but for those unsure where to precisely concentrate their time and budgets it will eventually become the reason for their failure.

Your identity costs money, even if it’s just the sign above a shop. But, for the majority, this identity will not be earning its keep. It may impede more than advance your aims.

Learn how to get the maximum out of your creative teams, grow your brand, and prevent stagnation. Furthermore, learn how to measure your progress.

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