2024 Exhibition and Limited Edition book celebrating the art and design of Kathryn M Holford

Kathryn’s journey into Fine Art is beautifully captured in the book ‘Permission to Paint’, published by HUGO Publishing House. As a Limited Edition this is an essential and valuable publication for Kathyrn’s devoted audience. Copies can be purchased online here. This is the debut title for the multi-genre international author list that HUGO will be launching in late 2024.

Katy Holford limited edition book, HUGO Publishing House, 2024

For further information on Kathryn’s outstanding career in art and design, please visit Katy Holford for glass design and Kathryn M Holford for fine art.

Kathryn’s glass and fine art are represented by Fen Ditton Gallery, Cambridge, a jewel of a gallery unlike any other. Also, here is a recent press article by DESIGN NATION.

Mark recommends Seth Rowden for stragetic tone of voice and creative strategy.