Visual Values

Visual values Kremer Porsche

Image selected from a series by Mark Rowden, created for client, Trofeo Cars. Caption: ‘Pizza delivery’

Visual values – image building photography

I have written extensively about ‘visual values’ in my two identity and branding books – initially in ‘The Art of Identity’ and then expanding this theory in more detail in ‘Identity – transforming performance’.

In reference to image building photography these books include examples of what constitutes appropriate graphics for your brand. This is managed by understanding the visual essence of your brand. Become aware that these visual values do not necessarily conform to your already established ‘brand values’. Whilst not being in conflict with core brand values, these visual values are usually more unique, expansive and expressive.

This technique is called ‘firmwords’, a tool for creative managers and contributing creatives that facilitates positive creative discussions and a continual allowance for new ideas to evolve. Rather than becoming stuck in an unadventurous regime of rigid identity guidelines, using firmwords opens up your creative team to positively challenge the status quo. Using this method of discussion releases the energy of your creative teams, and achieves with unwavering focus.

OcellO image building photography

OcellO 3D imaging, Leiden, Netherlands – one of a series of images created to expand the presentation of their biotechnology.