The Vox Beatles roll into town

The Vox Beatles

Fab Four

Speaking as someone who has played in several bands myself, I feel qualified to admire the performance of these boys.

It’s not easy to pull off The Beatles – not least because of deceptively simple songs that reply in good part on some smart interplay of three guitars and vocal harmonies that are (to many) off limits.

The gig in question was destined for Rottingdean Terraces, outdoors and over-looking the beach, but the English summer weather drove it indoors – all very make-shift, tea ladies at the ready, a growing crowd shoe-horned into an unexacting and small village hall. The Vox Beatles, undeterred by electrical difficulties (George’s Vox amp and half the PA were silent for more than the first two numbers) played on – professional to the last and with a sense of humour that the original Fab Four would have heartily approved of. By the end of two sets they had entire venue dancing.

The Vox Beatles John Lennon (The Vox Beatles)