King of Kings
(1995–98) published by Stray Dogs, 2000,
ISBN 0-9534642-1-0

Prayer of the Grandees
(and other Tales of the Destruction of England)

(1998) limited edition self-publication, 1999

Roaming Poet front cover

The Roaming Poet
(2006) published by Roaming Poet, 2006,
ISBN 0-9553254-0-4

The first repeat

Repeating what others have said
is often a well-paid job,
and bringing the impossible into the possible,
such an invisible craft
to those who only value the repeated.

And so, the solitary artist moves
unseen in the first instance,
hoping someone else
will repeat
what he or she alone uttered first.

The roaming poet

I am the roaming poet,
the conduit of
in gatherings of delight,
or shock
your perspective or mine.

Flung in a moment of
careless openings
into spaces where
the unloved cannot exist
or bare the light
now shone into pupils of eyes
and schools of minds.

The Divine is everywhere.
Hang it on your wall
and your bricks will dissolve before you.

Sample poems | The Roaming Poet | Mark Rowden.