King of Kings
(1995–98) published by Stray Dogs, 2000,
ISBN 0-9534642-1-0

Prayer of the Grandees front cover

Prayer of the Grandees
(and other Tales of the Destruction of England)

(1998) limited edition self-publication, 1999

The Roaming Poet
(2006) published by Roaming Poet, 2006,
ISBN 0-9553254-0-4

The insane

Realise, that to the insane, the sane are mad.
To the bad, often the good are mad.
The just, unjust. The fair, unfair,
and so we should employ judgement with care.

But listen …
one day a week, some dress to kneel
whilst others visit shops to steal,
and keeping the power stations burning,
their fear becomes that of turning –
for should their activity falter,
their reason for living may easily alter
to something much greater –
a confrontation with nature.


Oh little buttercup,
from where do you drink up
your yellow?

From what deep moisture
have you drawn
your lantern shine?

But how the clover gossips
behind your back,
jealous of your beauty,

planning attack –
a ground army turned green,
to fight a yellow beauty queen.

Sample poems | Prayer of the Grandees | Mark Rowden.