King of Kings front cover

King of Kings
(1995–98) published by Stray Dogs, 2000,
ISBN 0-9534642-1-0

Prayer of the Grandees
(and other Tales of the Destruction of England)

(1998) limited edition self-publication, 1999

The Roaming Poet
(2006) published by Roaming Poet, 2006,
ISBN 0-9553254-0-4


Is it true? Are we doomed
by the weight of the world’s
tallest buildings?

I have heard that every
system of forecasting
is trying to beat Your code,
threatened by Your cheek,
labelling truth unnecessary

And every policeman is combing
the country because of You –
and all< politicians will confirm –
if confronted –
that they truly love You.

Nearby, every UK housewife
with a shopping bag has, unaware,
been moved one degree left
and thirty-two degrees celsius
because of You –
and governments –
tumble to hidden deadlines
whilst we forever, like weeds
together, bind stronger
than any concrete.

Meanwhile, the public said:
‘Let it go its own way.
Let it escape captivity.
Let it cascade up waterfalls
to drip along mountainsides
and forever sink to the surfaces of all.’

Missing you

With your absence
I imagine that
volcanos in Cambridge
are erupting. That tourists,
finally believing,
flee their false worlds,
leaving their Nikons,
whilst all around
disruption abounds,
and, for those who know You,
the look on your face
says it all …

I have another vision:
that You educate me
and I uneducate You.

You dress me, as
I undress you, whilst
those surrounding watch,
some with interest,
some with malice.

It is then you tell me:
Swim like a dolphin,
fly like a swallow,
live like a King.

Another world

I felt like dying today.

It was not any particular event.
It was not gloomy or frightening.

It was just a space that arrived.
Or was it always there?

I looked closely
but it vanished in front of thought
until I,
may question my sanity?

Let me simply say,
I encountered
another world today
of which there may be many.

Fancy that,
a whole universe to myself.


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