Honfleur harbour

Hotel de Ville, Honfleur

Honfleur harbour, morning already underway, spring around the corner, bread a baking, shop openers opening.

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Honfleur morning

What is photogenic?


What is photogenic? Why is it that on occasions the lens can magnify beauty, represent it to us more clearly?

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The making of a model

Master glass blowing at Dartington Crystal


It was a recent pleasure of mine to undertake some photography at Dartington Crystal.

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Dartington Crystal

The Vox Beatles

Fab Four

Speaking as someone who has played in several bands myself, I feel qualified to admire the performance of these boys.

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The Vox Beatles roll into town

Photographic concept appearing in Sloane Square magazine


Asked by Trofeo Cars to design an ad concept, one of my photographs brought readily to my mind a headline caption.

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Sloane Square magazine