Three Kings illustration by Mark Rowden

King of Kings front cover

King of Kings
(1995–98) published by Stray Dogs, 2000,
ISBN 0-9534642-1-0

Prayer of the Grandees front cover

Prayer of the Grandees
(and other Tales of the Destruction of England)

(1998) limited edition self-publication, 1999

Roaming Poet front cover

The Roaming Poet
(2006) published by Roaming Poet, 2006,
ISBN 0-9553254-0-4

Mark Rowden portrait

2022 | Greece.

I’ve written poetry since my early teens. It’s involuntary. Poems arrive, and I write them down. When younger, I kept this activity a closely guarded secret. I often found myself writing poetry in the middle of other business activities, as though I was some sort of covert poet terrorist. It seemed inappropriate to reveal what was passing through my mind. As a designer (my former occupation), I believe one is given some latitude to dream. Such as in the same manner when graphic design and copywriting ideas would conveniently arrive inside my head, and usually before receiving the final brief. Every bit as though dreaming was (and remains) my way of solving complex communication problems.

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