Son of a Bastard

My latest manuscript, ‘Son of a Bastard’, is a quirky generational tale of male initiation written with a wry sense of humour. The story follows a naive 19-year-old boy set in the politically incorrect year of 1974. Within his family, three generations of men judge each other, each thinking themself superior to the others. All seems dysfunctionally normal until the boy’s grandfather asks him to assist in his suicide.

Both this novel and a second novel, ‘The Ploughman’s Daughter’ are published by Hugo Publishing House.

I was born and currently reside in Cambridgeshire (on the Suffolk border), dividing my time between here and rural Normandy.

Since my teenage years, I have written poetry. And later, I was published twice in non-fiction, both books translated in several languages worldwide. The non-fiction was the culmination of having run my design consultancy, Portfolio, synonymous with the emergence of the so-called ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ – the Cambridge UK high-technology boom.

With regards my writing I have benefitted from the counsel of Eric Maisel, the renowned creativity coach; April Bosshard of Deep Story Design, the equally renowned expert in storytelling structure; and Charlotte McCormac, the excellent and most talented literary editor

‘Your descriptive language is often very striking – breathtakingly visceral at times. You are particularly strong on the English landscape and how it moves us.’

Recommended books on writing:

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Avid Reader | Robert Gottlieb
Englishcraft 1 & 2 | A Smith and F Mann
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Mark Rowden portrait

2022 | Mystras, overlooking Sparta, Greece.

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Son of a Bastard by Mark Rowden

The Ploughman's Daughter by Mark Rowden