Image building photography


Porsche GT1 by Mark Rowden, created for client, Trofeo Cars. Caption: ‘GT1 experience’

Image building with photography

It’s not the volume of ideas flooding our senses, or whose idea it belongs to. As with graphic design, my feeling has always been that ideas are two a penny. Rather it’s the challenge selecting the ‘right’ photographic image, recognising which passing moment/image/idea is ‘the one’.

I also feel that it’s wrong to force or manipulate any given situation. One can encourage a situation, but in broad terms I’m against manipulation. This is simply because manipulation, once spotted, is an untruth. It’s no longer genuine and, ultimately holds less power.

To these ends I guard against image manipulations closely. I keep a tight rein on any tendency to needlessly interfere with a good image. I may or may not use supplementary lighting. I may or may not use deliberate post-production – but my point is, any qualities enhancing or added to an image must positively improve the image within the realms of what we sincerely wish to be true.

I don’t want to get too deep here. Mainly my approach is simplicity itself. I travel with the flow of life, attempting to remain vigilant, and shooting when those magical (and so often thoughtless) moments arrive.


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