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My latest manuscript is a quirky generational tale of male initiation written with a wry sense of humour. The story follows a naive 19-year-old boy set in the politically incorrect year of 1974. Currently undergoing final edits, I hope this manuscript may represent my ‘entrance’ as a writer of literary fiction. I am set on a career in writing and have other manuscripts in various stages of development.

I have devoted the past five years to writing and editing literary fiction.

I was born and currently reside in Cambridgeshire (on the Suffolk border), dividing my time between here and rural Normandy.

From my teenage years, I have written poetry. And later, I was published twice in non-fiction, both books translated in several languages worldwide. The non-fiction was the culmination of having run my own successful design consultancy, Portfolio, synonymous with the emergence of the so-called ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ – the Cambridge high-technology boom. I have since retired from visual design and turned my attention to writing full-time.

I have a committed and disciplined work ethic. Along this journey of writing fiction, I have benefitted from the counsel of Eric Maisel, the renowned creativity coach, and April Bosshard of Deep Story Design, the equally renowned expert in storytelling structure.

‘Your descriptive language is often very striking – breathtakingly visceral at times. You are particularly strong on the English landscape and how it moves us.’

Some of my favourite writers:

[ Though I'm not sure they'd all (past or present tense) approve of one another... ]

Niamh Campbell
Maggie O’Farrell
John Fowles
Thomas Hardy
Seamus Heaney
Laurie Lee
Deborah Orr
Brian Patten
DBC Pierre
Meg Rosoff
Polly Samson
José Saramago
Virginia Woolf

Recommended books on writing:

Dreyer’s English | Benjamin Dreyer
Essential English | Harold Evans
Do I Make Myself Clear? | Harold Evans
Dorothea Brande | Dorothea Brande
Avid Reader | Robert Gottlieb
Englishcraft 1 & 2 | A Smith and F Mann
Release the Bats | DBC Pierre

Mark Rowden, non-fiction:

The Art of Identity

Gower Ashgate, ISBN 0-566-08618-2, and Routledge ISBN 9781138710627

‘Rowden creates the justification for every branding decision you have ever made or ever will make.’
MARKETING (magazine)

‘Why the right identity can transform an organisation.’

‘Food for thought for those who think a one word noun in lower case will do the job.’

‘A profound insight.’

Identity Management

Gower Ashgate, ISBN 0-566-08618-2

‘For those serious about addressing their identity and making it an asset, Rowden has delivered another comprehensive and compelling book that will get you thinking and guide you through all the issues involved.’

‘Rowden presents several potent management tools which help enable managers to define the fundamental qualities of their organisation.’

‘Rowden wreaks havoc on those who view design superficially.’

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